Testimonials and Reviews

No Place Like Home-Care® has served hundreds of satisfied clients in Connecticut towns along the central east shoreline from Branford to Old Lyme since 2002. The following testimonials are certified client comments.

“Elaine is wonderful. She treats Bridget with dignity and respect.” Barbara C, East Haven


“Donna is a very caring, polite, and hard working person. She takes care of me like she would take care of her own family. More people should be like her. She is very enjoyable. She goes above and beyond.” Ann M, Branford


“The good caregivers deserve more money. Given the nature of the work they do a d… good job!” Jane M, Branford


“When I have needed to make a change in the days of service or switched days the caregivers have always been very accommodating as well as the agency. This is appreciated.” Connie C, Madison


“Both my caregivers are so kind and helpful to me. I can’t tell them often enough how much I appreciate all the things they do…I thank you all.” Margaret D, North Branford


“Patty is a very warm, caring person and she acknowledges Ray, talks to him, goes over and says good morning and when she leaves she goes over to him and says ‘good-bye, have a good day’ or ‘have a good weekend. See you Wednesday, Friday or Monday’. Also, Kathy is a very pleasant person to talk to on the phone.” Phyllis R, North Branford


“Very professional service. Women are friendly, courteous, and willing to help in any way.” Irma D, Branford


“You are the 3rd home care agency to serve me because of agencies not being able to serve clients on the shoreline and I am so pleased with your office staff and especially Beth M… and now Ranie F… I hated to see Beth leave but Ranie is wonderful. Ranie is ‘Mary Poppins’. She will bend over backwards to do anything I need. She cleans thoroughly and independently, is the perfect shopper for my diabetic diet. She makes sure she gets the exact items…I’m so pleased and will miss Ranie when I move.” Joyce F, Madison


“My caregivers is exceptional and I could leave my apartment and leave $5,000.00 on the table and not worry about it…take my caregiver and clone her.” Jim O, Branford


“Everything is just perfect. Thank you!” Joe C, Branford


“Our services have been excellent. The three ladies are great people – caring and helpful – Betty, Maureen and Ann.” Mary C, East Haven


“…I appreciate, and feel so blessed to have you taking care of my needs. God bless you.” Grace D, Branford


“We are very pleased with the service and want to thank you very much.” Anna P, Branford


“You all (office/caregivers) always do an excellent job keeping my mom happy and scheduling.” Carla S, Branford


“She does a very good job and she pleases me very much.” Joe D, North Branford


“I have only had 1 caregiver and that is Peggy C… She is an excellent worker and whatever her pay is probably should be double, she is that good.” Lillian D, North Branford


I have been happy with all of the caregivers I have had. They are friendly and personable and co-operative with any time changes we need to make.” Dorina M, Branford


“My homemaker Madeline C… is outstanding. Best I’ve ever had. Keep hiring employees like Madeline.” Martha M, Branford


“Very satisfied with Peggy…She does things needed without asking her. Has some good suggestions on how to do things quickly.” Darlyne G, Branford


“Pam, Peggy and Veronica are saving our lives. They are fantastic. We’re really pleased with them. They are lifesavers and my grand-parents love them. Please make sure they are told!” Kim M, East Haven


“Joanne is worth a million…she is loyal…trustworthy…dependable with money. I’m delighted to have her in my home…fortunate to have her. Put a note in her file.” Anne M, Branford


“I am very pleased and happy with your service. My caregiver, Rose, is great, very helpful and we get along so well. She is a friend more than a caregiver. We seem to have a lot in common and she is a pleasure to be with. Would definitely recommend your service to anyone I know that may ask for it and do tell others how pleased I am with it.” Barbara D, East Haven



“Gail is a nice wee lassie. Don’t take her away from me. I don’t think you could replace her!” Hal M, North Branford


“Services are good.” Dorothy M, Branford


“All the companions sent out have been wonderful, as well as anyone from NPLHC that I have spoken to on the phone. Incredibly helpful!” Cheryl D, Northford


“I love all my care-givers. I like to tease them and make them laugh. They all want to come back because I’m not grouchy.” Olive C, Branford



“Thank you so much. Carol is wonderful.” Vivian V, North Branford


“Mary was the caregiver for my mother. She was an outstanding individual, very caring and helpful.” Jean B, North Branford


“The three ladies that come are just great – couldn’t have asked for more.” Ena C, East Haven


“I have been caring for my grandparents, now my parents and have used other agencies. Yours has proven to be the best. Your caregivers are professional and well trained.” Rosemary L, New Haven


“I am very satisfied with Nancy. I would want no other.” Mary P, Branford


“Your choice of caregivers are excellent!” Josephine L, Branford


“I also would like to thank your staff at the office. They have been very courteous and helpful when I talk to them.” Pasquale P, New Haven


“Silvania is one of the nicest people I know.” Lucille L, North Haven


“I love Anne, she’s lots of fun, and she lets me talk and talk. And does whatever I ask of her.” Winifred L, Hamden



“My apartment is clean like it was their own. I am very pleased with the cleaning lady.” Merton N, North Branford


“Lenore is such a pleasure to have in my home – she is willing to do anything to help me – I appreciate her very much and trust her, which is very important to me.” Emily O, North Haven


“I’m more than satisfied.” Salvatore D, East Haven


“I don’t know how I could live without the care that “No Place Like Home-Care” gives. I really wish that I could go back in time when I was able to care for myself and others. But in lieu of that, I thank God for your services. God bless you all!” Frances V, New Haven


“Everything is fine with my caregiver.” Ralph D, East Haven


“I am very happy with my caregiver.” Concetta B, New Haven


“I’m well satisfied.” William R, East Haven


“Nobody cleans the way I would if I could but I can’t, so I have to be satisfied and thankful.” Rosemary M, New Haven


“For our entire relationship with No Place Like Home Care you have provided amazing people…it is hard to imagine how we could have coped with mother’s increasing needs without their loving care. Our mother loved and trusted “the ladies” because she was respected and her independence honored…With sincere appreciation” Mary, J, Margy, and Alan M, Branford


“When you provided care for dad at home the companions became his friends, they brought him comfort and companionship – all while taking care of his everyday needs, and dealing with the difficulties that an Alzheimer’s patient endures…From the bottom of our hearts we thank you!” Carol and Lois K, Hamden


“All services are great.” Mary F, North Branford


“Keep up the good work.” Richard K, North Branford


“Very trustworthy – friendly, cooperative.” Marie S, Branford


“I am very satisfied with Donna. She is a wonderful and caring caregiver. Donna is always professional in the services that she provides for me.” Ann M, Branford


“Frances and I have a good time together and I look forward to seeing her – she is great.” Muriel A, Guilford


“Thank God for Lisa.” Mary M, Branford


“Thanks for your support.” Bernard L, Branford


“I have nothing but excellent comments. The care I receive is excellent and much appreciated. Thank you all.” Jane M, Branford


“I am very pleased and happy with your service. My caregiver, Rose is great very helpful and we get along so well. She is a friend more than a caregiver. We seem to have a lot in common and she is a pleasure to be with.” Dorina M, Branford


“The instant care I received from No Place Like Home Care was a great help to me.” Gertrude P, North Branford