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Home Care in Guilford, CT – Home Care Companions Help Seniors Stay Connected

Home Care in Guilford , CT

As our senior family members age, it becomes harder and harder for them to get out to visit or travel to see all of their loved ones and friends. This doesn’t have to be such a disheartening situation for them anymore; with advances in modern technology, a software application called Skype, and a home care companion, staying connected with every friend and family member is much easier.

Skype is an application that can be accessed on a computer, a laptop, a smartphone, a tablet, or other electronic devices that have a camera. Even if a device doesn’t have a built-in camera, it might still be compatible with the application by using an external camera. As you can see, the Skype application is very easily accessible and can keep seniors connected using just about any device.

Some seniors might not know how to use technology or might even think there is no way they could ever learn it, but with a small amount of help from a home care companion, they will be able to use Skype like an old pro. The application is very user friendly, in fact with just a few clicks, grandma or grandpa can be on the screen sharing smiles with their grandchildren.

Not only is Skype a great way for our senior parents or grandparents to stay connected with their cherished family members and friends, but it is also a great way to keep their spirits up, especially during those winter months when the weather doesn’t allow for as many outdoor ventures.

Getting the equipment set up is something that the home care companion can help your senior family member with or they can take care of all of the set-up if your loved one is not the most technologically-savvy person. With the help of a list from family members, a home care companion can enter all of the user names of friends and family that a senior will want to stay connected with in the outside world.

In getting this application set up for your senior loved one, they will be able to share in exciting moments, keep in touch with out of town children and grandchildren, and never miss those special moments again. As a baby grows, grandma and grandpa will be able to see him or her right there on the camera. Your senior loved one can see their grandchildren crawl, walk, and hear them say “grandma” or “grandpa” when they learn to talk.

Not only can your senior family member use the application for a video call, but they can also use it as a messaging tool. Skype allows for users to instant message each other, as long as both users are logged on at the same time.

Keeping our senior family members connected is an important part of keeping them mentally and physically healthy. Using modern technology, we now have a way to put the biggest of smiles on our loved one’s faces.

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