December 20, 2017 No Place Like Home-Care Branford, CT

Home Care in Guilford, CT: Preventing Your Loved One from Getting the Flu This Season

It is that time of year again when it seems like everyone is coming down with the flu. You are seeing more and more people take off from work due to the flu and are starting to worry that you will catch it and possibly pass it along to your elderly loved one. You know that you will be able to handle it if you catch the flu, but often the immunity of your elderly loved one will not be able to keep up with the illness. If you are worried about your loved one catching the flu, elder care from home care services can assist you in making sure that your loved one stays healthy all year long.

Stay Away From Others Who Are Sick

If you are one of the primary caregivers for your elderly loved one, it is critical that you stay away from them if you have or suspect that you have the flu. Your elderly loved one will not have the same strength with their immunity in order to deal with the flu and they could end up a whole lot sicker than you are and may even end up in the Home Care in Guilford, CThospital. Home care services can step in during this time to help out with the chores and activities that you will not be able to assist with. Whether you need someone to just check up on your loved one while you are sick or they need a little more assistance, home care services can make sure everything is taken care of.

Practice Good Hand Washing

One of the most important things that your elderly loved one can do during the flu season is to wash their hands properly. This will effectively kill away any germs that they might come in contact especially in the time before you know that you are sick. Many of the aging may not know how to properly wash their hands. This is where home care services can step in to help. They can teach your elderly loved one the proper way to wash their hands and can even remind them when it is time to go and wash their hands again.

Practice Proper Health Habits

There are many other great health habits that should be done while the flu season is going on. Any surface that is found in your elderly loved ones home that many people touch each day should be frequently cleaned and disinfected. This will prevent your loved one from touching it down the road and getting the bad germs. A home care companion can come and help with this routine cleaning process or even just show some of the important areas that should not be missed. Some other things that your elderly loved one should do during the flu season to make sure that the germs stay away include eating nutritious foods, getting plenty of foods, managing their stress, getting plenty of exercise, and getting plenty of sleep.

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