January 30, 2018 No Place Like Home-Care Branford, CT

Reconnecting with Friends in Branford, CT: an Elder Care Communication Concept

Elder Care in Branford, CTDo you know a lot of your mother’s friends? Have you met them all? What about the friends she had a long time ago? Did she lose touch with them or have they been sending cards to one another at the holidays and birthdays? Too often, when we become busy with our own families, we have a tendency to lose touch with people we once called friends. If you’re looking for things to do to improve the elder care that your mother receives, then one project could be reconnecting with old friends.

You need to be careful, though, when you set out to take this challenge on. For one, your mother has likely outlived some of the friends that she had in her youth. You may have heard her mention this person or that person over the years and it sounded as though she was once fond of them. Before you begin looking for them, sit down with your mother and talk about the prospect of reconnecting with people whom she lost touch with.

If she’s open to the idea, then find out whether she would want to know if any of the friends whom she had through the years passed away or not. Maybe she doesn’t want to know and would rather assume that you weren’t able to find out where he or she is living now. You should also find out if there is anyone from her past (pictures, old letters, card, etc.) whom she would prefer not to have any contact with again. If so, then make sure you don’t accidentally contact them on her behalf.

With the Internet and a vast range of services, you can find just about anyone who is still alive, so be prepared to learn more about the people that your mother was once friends with. If your mother receives any type of home care for the elderly, then you can include them in this project as well. You can teach your mother how to navigate the Internet, if she doesn’t know how yet, and she can find some of her old friends on her own as well.

Opening the old lines of communication with friends that go back a long way can be a great way to boost spirits and to pass the time. When it comes to elder care, the more you can do to elevate one’s mood, the better.

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